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Commercial Inspection

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Commercial Inspection 

Are you considering investing in a commercial or industrial property? If so, then you already know that knowledge and documentation are power in these transactions.

That’s why you’re committed to completing your due diligence, and a big part of that is having a commercial inspection performed.

While the professionals at Pro-Spect do perform home inspections on a regular basis, we also have the knowledge and experience that count when it comes to inspecting commercial and industrial properties. This specialized area requires different insights and expertise when compared with home inspections, but Pro-Spect’s dedication to providing the most reliable and thorough inspections holds true regardless of the nature of the property.

Contact Pro-Spect today to schedule commercial inspections in Polk, Hillsborough and Pasco Counties.


Why Commercial Inspections Matter

When you purchase or invest in a commercial or industrial property, you’re typically doing so with the hope of turning a profit for years to come. Accordingly, it’s critical that the building you’re considering be in top functional condition.

If it’s not, then it may end up being a money pit.

That’s why a thorough inspection by a professional matters. Of course, it’s important that the inspection be performed by someone with experience in commercial inspections.

That’s because commercial and residential properties have critical differences. Commercial buildings typically are far larger. Moreover, they may have complicated electrical distribution systems, a variety of heating and cooling plants and site conditions that must be evaluated with an expert eye. Additionally, commercial and industrial buildings may be constructed of different materials when compared with residences, again making it crucial that the inspector has the right kind of training and experience.


Which Buildings Might Need Commercial Inspections?

An inspection may be required in real estate transactions involving structures such as:

• Daycares
• Churches
• Dental offices
• Factories
• Industrial plants
• Retail stores
• Multi-family dwellings
• Managed care or medical facilities
• Lodging and hospitality facilities
• Storage and parking facilities
• Restaurants
• Offices
• Automotive dealerships and mechanic’s shops

All of these and other properties may be in need of a commercial inspection at some point. The experienced inspectors at Pro-Spect are here to help you complete your due diligence on these and other types of properties.


Professionalism Matters

Pro-Spect understands that the people who require inspection of a commercial property do not have the same needs as people who are buying a new home.

Thanks to our many years of experience with commercial inspections, we understand how critical it is that we perform our services efficiently and with a minimum of disruption. Nonetheless, we are dedicated to providing you with a thorough, complete and accurate inspection report that provides you with an unbiased opinion with regard to the condition of the building.

We understand that the more knowledge you have, the better able you are to negotiate. That’s why we provide you with more detail and data than other inspection services in Central Florida. When your inspection report needs to be complete and accurate, you can count on Pro-Spect to get the job done right.


Rely on Pro-Spect

Did you know that Pro-Spect is a member of both the American Society of Home Inspectors and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors? Those memberships mean that we understand and adhere to strict professional standards and guidelines. Our well-trained and experienced inspectors know their job inside and out, and that means you can rely on them.

What’s more, we equip our inspectors with state-of-the-art tools. We’re a local, independently owned company, and we offer inspections Monday to Saturday.

We believe so thoroughly in the inspection services that we provide that we offer a 200% satisfaction guarantee. What does that mean? If you aren’t satisfied with our inspection services, then we’ll refund your money and pay to have another inspection company redo the job.

That’s how much we believe in the thoroughness and professionalism of our commercial inspection services.


Ready to Schedule an Inspection?

At Pro-Spect, we understand that many commercial real estate transactions are time sensitive and may need to be kept confidential. Accordingly, our scheduling is flexible so that we can suit your convenience, and our services are always discreet.

Whether you just have a few questions about the process behind commercial inspections or want to schedule an inspection today, give Pro-Spect a call. We’re always happy to serve you.

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