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Don’t Forget A Rental Inspection Before Moving In

Rentals are an excellent way for people to live comfortably in their homes without buying or selling. Tenants benefit from not having responsibilities that may burden them with a property ownership, such as not having to pay maintenance costs, avoid dealing with tax issues, and having greater flexibility to move around or downsize whenever the need may arise. Rental properties on the other hand benefit property owners and allow landlords to make money by renting out their properties.

However, when renting a house or an apartment, don’t forget to have it inspected. Why do rentals come with the need for inspections? Inspections ensure that tenants are living in a safe environment and, at the same time, protect the landlord’s property from damage and misuse.

A rental inspection is essential because it ensures tenants live comfortably in their homes without worrying about safety or property damage. It also protects landlords from any misuse of property due to a tenant being careless.

Types Of Inspections

There are three types of rental inspections categorized according to the time at which they are done:

Move-In Inspection

A move-in inspection is done before tenants move their belongings into the property. The landlord/managing agent and tenant do a walkthrough to assess the property’s condition. The condition of the property is documented for future reference.

Interim Inspections

An interim inspection is a property inspection that can be done at various stages throughout the lease. It helps the landlord assess the property’s condition, if lease terms are being met, and whether or not there is any need for repairs.

Move-Out/Post Inspection:

The pre-move-out inspection is done three days before the tenants vacate to find out what damages they have caused and need to be repaired. The tenant pays for repairs.

Rental Housing Act For Rental Inspections

The Rental Housing act says that a move-in/prior inspection is compulsory and must be done jointly by the tenant and the landlord before the tenant moves into the property. Together, they will inspect the property to determine any defects or damage. The landlord may then be responsible for repairing any defects or damage during the inspection.

As part of the lease agreement, you and the landlord must have a joint inspection of the property before the lease expires. The inspection is to ensure that both parties agree on what condition the property is in. The landlord cannot claim anything against you for damages if they do not show up for the inspection.

We at Pro-Spect Inspections want to remind you of your rights as a tenant and the obligations and rights you have and are required by law. For example, you have the right to privacy, and the landlord can only exercise their right of inspection by providing reasonable notice to the tenant. Landlords and tenants should familiarize themselves with their tenancy agreement’s complete rules and regulations. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact a home inspection in Jacksonville FL directly to familiarize yourself with the process and, at the same time, have an inspection done. 

Benefits Of Rental Inspections

As a new tenant, you want to ensure that your new home is in good condition. It’s important to remember that the landlord is responsible for ensuring the property is safe and habitable. But, it’s also your responsibility to inspect the property before moving in. This is where a move-in/prior inspection comes into play.

We at Pro-Spect Inspections want to make sure you’re aware of the benefits of all phases of rental inspections and that they are not intrusive but rather a tool for both the tenant and the property owner to address any issues or required maintenance on the property.

Establish Peace Of Mind

The move-in/prior inspection helps establish a positive relationship between you and the landlord and offers peace of mind for both parties. It ensures everyone is on the same wavelength regarding what should be considered “normal wear and tear” on the property. If you consult a home inspection company, they can also help you understand which items are included in your lease agreement and which are not.

Highlight Issues And Get Them Resolved

The tenant should use the interim inspection as an opportunity to highlight any issues or required maintenance on the property. It also allows the tenant to address any immediate issues before they become more significant problems. The property owner can use this time to examine any structural repairs, pest control, or landscaping work that needs attention.

Keep Property Well Maintained

Rental inspections help you be the best landlord you can be. With landlords having a tough time in today’s market, it’s vital to be proactive and find ways to keep your property looking its best. Interim inspections are an excellent tool for landlords who want to upgrade their properties and keep tenants happy.

Stretch The Lease Longer

There are many benefits of staging an interim inspection, from the cost savings of addressing repairs when they are minor to the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your property is in good shape. You’ll also have the opportunity to collect feedback from your tenants on what they would like you to fix and keep them signed on for your property longer. 

At Pro-spect Inspections; we’ve been providing inspection services to landlords and tenants in Jacksonville and Lakeland Florida for several years. We’re experts in finding the right property for you, and we ensure that you’re getting a property and a home too.

Our certified home inspectors of Jacksonville Florida are experienced in the industry, and we always put the interests of both landlords and tenants first. We do everything from viewing properties to securing leases, so you can get on with looking at more important things in your life!

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