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WDO inspection Jacksonville FL

Did you know that wood-destroying organisms (WDO) can destroy a house’s structure? Since termites thrive well in Florida, it’s crucial to do regular termite and professional WDO inspection Jacksonville FL. When buying a home, a termite inspection—or, as it is known by the State of Florida, Termite and Other Wood Destroying Organism Report (WDO Report)—is necessary and highly advised. A professional pre-purchase home inspection and a new construction inspection are essential, as is the inspection of your Jacksonville, Florida, home for wood-eating pests. It would be a significant mistake to ignore this. Your investment is at risk from termites, wood boring beetles, and other organisms that consume wood, such as white or brown wood rot. You should be aware that your homeowner’s insurance does not cover termite or other wood-destroying organism damage.

Why Do You Need a WDO Inspection?

Termites are usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about organisms that destroy wood. But there are many more WDOs that you should consider before buying a house.

Other examples of organisms that destroy wood include several types of fungi, carpenter bees, beetles, and carpenter ants. Below are some of the major reasons why you need a professional WDO inspection Jacksonville FL:

  • To detect active infestations and WDOs: The primary goal of a WDO inspection is to find active infestations of termites and other wood-destroying organisms. These pests can seriously harm a building’s structure, making it dangerous to live in and expensive to fix.
  • To satisfy a mortgage lender’s requirements: Many mortgage lenders need a WDO inspection as a condition of loan approval. Before approving a loan, they want to ensure the property you buy is clear of pests that destroy wood.
  • To meet insurance requirements: A WDO inspection Jacksonville FL is a prerequisite for coverage with some home insurance carriers. They want to ensure that no wood-destroying insects are present on the property and that their insurance would cover any damage brought on by pests.
  • Protecting your investment: A WDO inspection can give you peace of mind by assuring you are not purchasing a property infested with wood-destroying insects and organisms like wood-decaying fungi if you are buying a property, a new home, or a place of business.
  • To ensure the occupants’ health: By dispersing allergens and irritants into the air, wood-destroying insects and organisms can also aggravate respiratory and allergic conditions. Despite the rarity and improbability of this, the possibility still exists.

One year of termite damage alone can cost billions of dollars. A professional WDO inspection Jacksonville FL should be obtained as quickly as feasible for the benefit of the buyer and the real estate agent.

Doing this can prevent your investment from losing value due to forgetting important details.

The Benefits of a WDO Inspection

Without a WDO inspection, there is a chance that you could buy a house that has significant damage. Most homeowner insurance policies do not cover harm caused by organisms that destroy wood.

This is so that it can be avoided.

If the damage is discovered quickly, you can save hundreds of dollars on repairs. The inspection may also find any additional property problems, such as faulty plumbing.

A wood-destroying organism inspection gives you a competitive advantage in the housing market. Furthermore, you also receive the peace of mind you deserve as a buyer.

How Is A WDO Inspection Performed?

These are some of the stages necessary for getting a proper WDO inspection, in no particular order:

Attic And Crawlspace WDO Inspection

The word “WDO” (Wood Destroying Organisms) or “Termite Inspection” refers to a thorough inspection that looks for signs of current, past, or prospective termite infestation. The inspector searches for indicators of termite activity in both dry and underground wood types, rotting wood, wood-eating insects, damaged wood, and any other elements that can encourage termite infestation.

Exterior WDO Inspection

The inspector must comprehensively inspect the house’s exterior to look for signs of damage caused by drywood and subterranean termites, wood-decaying fungus, and wood-destroying beetles. A WDO inspector will also look for dead tree stumps close to the building, timber that has been stacked or kept too close to the ground or near the house, leaking gutters or downspouts, incorrect grading, and other exterior factors that could encourage termite and other WDO pest infestations.

Interior WDO Inspection

When looking at the interior, the inspector is especially attentive to the window and door frames, baseboards, garages, and other places where termites and WDO infestations are more likely to occur. WDO inspection Jacksonville FL inside a building requires a more involved procedure than those outside. It entails visual and physical inspections that involve probing, tapping, and sounding susceptible wood. The inspector also looks for indications of past infestations and treatments, such as bruising on walls and wood, live termites, tubing, and frass. A WDO inspector may also search for situations that encourage infestation, such as high moisture levels, soft or damp wood, and other factors.

The inspector will produce a report detailing the findings, recommendations, and anticipated cost of remedies following this thorough WDO examination.

Your WDO inspector will often take you on a property tour to review results if you are present when the WDO inspection Jacksonville FL is completed. Attending the WDO inspection is typically a good idea since it is simpler to comprehend the findings in person than reading a report.

How Much Does a WDO/WDI Inspection Cost? 

The cost of a WDO/WDI Inspection varies depending on variables, including your residence’s location and size. It could cost anywhere from $125 to $225 or more, but it can also be combined with additional services to provide value. Ask your inspector about all their services and the different package options when arranging your WDO/WDI Inspection or other home inspection service.

Conclusively, it is essential to comprehend the critical significance of WDO inspections in Jacksonville, Florida, while protecting your investment. Due to the unique WDO issues presented by Jacksonville’s climate and surroundings, thorough inspections are necessary for both real estate ownership and transactions. You may protect your investment from the potentially severe financial effects of WDO damage by working with skilled professionals and being updated on the indications and fixes for WDO damages. Prioritizing professional WDO inspection Jacksonville FL is a proactive investment in the durability and value of your real estate assets in Jacksonville, Florida, not just a preventive measure.

Ready to protect your investment in Jacksonville, FL? Trust the experts at Pro-Spect Inspection Services to ensure your property is free from hidden issues. Schedule your comprehensive inspection today and gain peace of mind for your real estate investments. Contact us now to get started on the path to a worry-free property ownership experience.

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