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Lead Inspection

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Lead Inspection

New construction homes are great, but they aren’t the right choice for every family. Some people just want a home that has a little age to it.

Nonetheless, buying an older home may bring families unusual problems. For instance, if the home was built prior to 1978, then it may have lead-based paint.

Why should you be worried about the presence of lead-based paint?

In decades past, lead was a common component used in residential and commercial construction. Most frequently, lead showed up in the paint that people put on their walls. However, lead also may have been used to solder together pipes in the plumbing system. This can contaminate drinking water with an excessive amount of lead.

When too much lead is present in the home, it can cause learning and growth disabilities in young children. Kids also are at greater risk for experiencing headaches and suffering brain damage when they grow up in a home in which they are exposed to lead.

While children are most at risk, adults also may be adversely affected. Digestive issues, higher blood pressure and complications with pregnancy all have been known to arise as a result of exposure to lead.

If you are worried that your older home may have exposed your family to excessive levels of lead, then give Pro-Spect a call. Similarly, families who are considering the purchase of an older home are encouraged to contact Pro-Spect. With our professional lead inspection services, we can put your mind at ease.


The Danger of Lead

Lead used to find its way into dozens of applications. It wasn’t until 1978 that the U.S. government truly realized how dangerous lead-based paint and lead soldering on plumbing could be. That’s when lead-based paint was banned from consumer use.

Nonetheless, if you buy or live in a home that was built before 1978, then you may still find lead-based paint on some of the surfaces. This type of paint was used both on home exteriors and interiors on drywall, window frames, siding, door frames and doors. Stairs, porches, decks, and railings also may have a coating of lead-based paint.

Frequently, this lead-based paint has been painted over with newer, less toxic paint. That’s a good thing, but beware if that newer layer of paint begins to chip or crack. These defects can expose your family to toxic levels of lead.


Are You Selling an Older Home?

Federal law requires that sellers disclose any lead-based paint that may be lurking in their home when they decide to sell. The law says that you only have to disclose the paint that you’re aware of, but it usually makes sense to ask for a lead inspection before you put an older home up for sale. This way, you can address the problem proactively instead of being unpleasantly surprised when a prospective buyer brings their own inspector in.


Ask Pro-Spect for a Lead Inspection

Do you live in a home that was built prior to 1978? If so, then you may want to protect your family by having your home inspected for the presence of lead-based paint.

The same is true if you decide to sell your older home. In fact, federal law requires that you disclose any lead-based paint that you are aware of before making a sale.

What if you’re considering buying an older home? You definitely want the peace of mind of knowing that your family won’t be exposed to dangerous levels of lead in your own home.

In any of these situations, it just makes sense to contact Pro-Spect. Our state-licensed lead inspectors are trained to find dangerous lead levels throughout your property. We can even make recommendations for how any of these problems might be addressed.

As a local, family-owned business, Pro-Spect has a vested interest in helping all of our customers get maximum peace of mind from their home purchase. You’ll sleep easier knowing that your home is the safe haven that you want it to be.

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