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Rental Inspection

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Rental Inspection

Are you a landlord who owns or manages rental properties? Or perhaps you’re a tenant who’s moving out of a rental property. Either way, you might benefit from having an unbiased rental inspection performed.

Contact Pro-Spect today to ask about our rental inspection services. We offer peace of mind to both parties so that unpleasant surprises are avoided.


Both Apartments and Rental Houses Need Inspections

Whenever someone moves into or out of a rental, it is standard procedure for the landlord and the tenant to both examine the condition of the property.

Is there any damage that should be taken care of? Are there defects that have come to light?

Unlucky landlords and tenants have occasionally found themselves in the unenviable position of disagreeing over the condition of a rental property.

For instance, the tenant swears that a dent in the drywall was there when he moved in, which means that he didn’t cause the damage.

On the other hand, the landlord is certain that the wall was in pristine condition prior to the present tenant moving in. He thinks that the tenant is responsible for the damage and should have to pay for it.


Which party is right?

It’s almost impossible to know unless a thorough rental inspection is conducted at move in and move out.


What’s Involved in an Inspection?

The most thorough inspection occurs when the tenant moves into the property. The purpose of this inspection is to document the condition of the property before the tenant moves in.

Involving an examination for general defects and damage, the inspection will include photo documentation of all rooms and notes concerning any maintenance issues. If the rental property is a home, then the inspector will need access to the roof and crawlspace to check for condition and dampness issues.

Where appropriate, the inspector further may check for gas leaks and carbon dioxide problems.

The inspection that occurs when the tenant moves out is similarly thorough. Frequently, the original move in inspection report is relied upon to chart any changes that have occurred.

Periodic inspections also may be conducted during tenancy to check for any damages, maintenance issues or defects.


Contact Pro-Spect to Ensure Peace of Mind with Rentals

Renting can be an uncertain prospect for both landlords and tenants. However, much of the guesswork can be removed when an impartial inspector is brought in to check the property’s condition at move in and again at move out.

This is an especially valuable service when the tenants have occupied the property for several years. It would be virtually impossible for either the landlord or the tenant to recall with perfect clarity the condition of the property when the tenant moved in.

However, if a thorough move in inspection was performed, no one must try to remember. The condition of the rental unit is recorded in black and white as well as photographs. Comparing the rental’s condition today with its condition five years ago is a snap.

This means that inspections can protect both the landlord and the tenant.

Experience matters when it comes to performing thorough, accurate inspections. That’s why we encourage you to contact Pro-Spect today. Our trusted, reputable inspectors are trained to offer critical insights that protect both parties in a rental transaction. Pro-Spect offers a cloud-based software for our reports which is accessible for years to come.

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