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Septic Inspection

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Septic Inspection

When people are buying a home, they usually have a list of characteristics that they’d like that house to have. Perhaps they need at least four bedrooms, plenty of closet space and a large family room where everyone can gather to play games and watch movies.

Your own list may have all sorts of items on it, but have you given any consideration to the home’s septic system?

Granted, it’s not the most exciting part of your prospective new home. However, it’s not something that any home buyer can afford to overlook. That’s because the septic system likely is the most expensive component in the house.

A septic system, which also may be referred to as an on-lot wastewater treatment system, is located underground and is most frequently found in more rural areas that do not have a centralized sewer system that is maintained by a municipality.

Septic systems use technology and nature to treat wastewater that comes from the household. This water typically is produced by doing laundry, washing dishes, showering or flushing the toilet.

The septic system includes a tank and a drain field, and you want to understand the working conditions of these components before you purchase a home.

If you would like to request a septic inspection, contact Pro-Spect today. One of our professional inspectors can set your mind at ease or alert you to any issues that need to be addressed.

The Septic Inspection Process

The inspector may ask the current property owner for information concerning the septic system, such as its age and the history of service and maintenance.

Next, the inspector walks around the property, locating and identifying all components of the septic system. The purpose of this examination also is to uncover any obvious signs of malfunction within the system.

The inspector further will conduct a visual examination of the interior portions of the tank and test the absorption area to discover the level of standing effluent. Moving between the home’s interior and exterior, the inspector will verify that all water fixtures in the house drain into the septic tank. This also will require running water from all fixtures and observing changes in the treatment tank.

The inspector also likely will watch the tank as it is emptied, checking for any runback, before once again inspecting the interior to observe the condition of the baffles and checking for defects, holes, or cracks.


Why You Need a Septic Inspection

Thanks to a thorough inspection, you’ll know whether the septic system requires any repairs. That’s because your inspector is trained to uncover any ongoing problems that could become a costly headache for you in the future.

Clearly, it’s not desirable to pay full price for a home, only to discover within a few months that there are major issues with the septic system that the previous owner should have dealt with.

An inspection should reveal any issues, and you can negotiate with the seller to have them fixed or lower the price on the home by a commensurate amount.


Septic System Testing by Pro-Spect

If you are considering buying a home that has a septic system, then you need to know the system’s condition before you complete the transaction.

With the help of Pro-Spect, you’ll have all the information you need to make a wise buying decision.

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