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Sewer Scopes Inspection

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Sewer Scopes Inspection

A new home is a major purchase, and it definitely pays to know exactly what you’re getting. That can mean understanding more about a home’s systems than you ever thought you’d want to know.

One of the systems in your new home that is critical to understand is the sewer. With a sewer scope inspection performed by Pro-Spect, you can rest assured that one of your home’s most important systems is in tip-top shape.

What Is a Sewer Scope?

Sewer scopes are not something that most people are familiar with. The whole process only requires a few minutes. A well-trained, professional inspector inserts a borescope camera into the sewer to get a better idea of its functionality. The camera sends images to a monitor as the camera is run through the drainpipe.

Thanks to these images, the inspector is able to identify imperfections, flaws or even problems. Your inspector can tell you about the results of the sewer scope immediately after it is performed. This means that you will have all the important findings that you need to make a sensible offer on the house or to walk away to find a better candidate.

Signs that a Sewer Scope Is Needed

Not everyone gets a sewer scope on a home that they want to buy. Still, it is a good idea to have sewer scopes performed whenever you are also having a thorough home inspection done. This means that you’ll know exactly what you’re buying, and you’ll be able to anticipate any immediate maintenance and repair concerns.

Here are some signs that a sewer scope is needed on your prospective new home:

  • The house is more than 25 years old: Older homes, especially those built prior to 1984, may have clay sewer pipes. These pipes are especially prone to breakage, so it is a good idea to replace them even if they seem to be in relatively good shape.
  • The yard is filled with large trees: Although beautiful, trees are one of the most common culprits of damage to sewer pipes. It is possible for roots to actually grow around and constrict pipes, causing massive problems.
  • Water is backed up inside the crawlspace or the house itself: This is a major sign that there is breakage or other damage to the pipes.
  • You see signs that the ground around the home has recently shifted: Shifting soil may have affected the sewer pipes, bending, breaking or otherwise damaging them.
  • Some patches of lawn seem especially lush and green: When there is a sewer or septic leak, this is a dead giveaway. Sewer water acts as a powerful fertilizer, which accounts for that patch of particularly healthy lawn.
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Sewer scopes are inexpensive and require less than hour to complete. Nonetheless, they can provide new homeowners with tremendous peace of mind.

Experience matters when it comes to identifying sewer problems, so be certain to call the experts at Pro-Spect. We are prepared to help residential and commercial customers across the region who are buying property or who just want to be certain that their sewer is functioning as it should.

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