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Walk & talk Consultation 

Today’s real estate market is more volatile than ever before. Fewer homes are on the market, and those that are up for sale usually are the subject of intense bidding wars.

With competition being fierce, some potential buyers are agreeing to shortcuts, perhaps forgoing things like full-blown home inspections or an appraisal.

Perhaps it isn’t always realistic these days to take the time for a home inspection before making an offer. That’s why reputable home inspection companies like Pro-Spect are now offering walk & talk consultations on a much more frequent basis.

If you want to get a professional walk through of a home that you’re interested in, give Pro-Spect a call. Our walk & talk consultation will provide you with the answers you need.

Schedule a Consultation During the Showing

If you want to get some expert opinions about the houses you’re looking at, call Pro-Spect. We’ll come to showings with you and your Realtor, spending about an hour or so looking for any obvious, major problems.

This type of service is less invasive and comprehensive than a full home inspection. Nonetheless, it is sufficient to let prospective buyers know if obvious problems are present. Some of these problems might include:

  • Visible dry rot
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Plumbing problems
  • Electrical problems

This is an inexpensive consultation that can tell you whether or not making an offer on the property is a good idea. No written report is issued at the end of this rather informal inspection, however, a checklist and pen will be provided to you for notes.

The upshot is that by the time the walk through is done, you’ll know quite a few details about the property’s condition. Should you walk away or make an offer? If you do make an offer, what kind of repairs and improvements should you bear in mind?

Once your offer on the property is accepted, you’ll have plenty of time to schedule a comprehensive home inspection. In the meantime, you’ll know everything that you need to know to make a sensible decision.

Walk & Talk Consultations Are for Sellers Too

Are you preparing your home to go on the market? If so, then you may want to have a qualified inspector come out to perform a pre-listing consultation. It can be a wonderful way to save time and money.

Your inspector may point out serious structural or systems deficiencies that it may make sense to address before putting your home up for sale. Alternatively, you’ll want to inform your Realtor about any of these potential problems so that they can be considered when your home is being priced. Your Realtor may reduce the asking price to entice a buyer who’s willing to undertake the repairs and improvements themselves.

Schedule an Inspection with Pro-Spect

These days, the real estate market seems to move at the speed of light. Available properties are few and far between, and that means that both buyers and sellers need to be better informed than ever.

If you want to know if a certain property is worthy of your attention, then ask one of Pro-Spect’s professional inspectors to attend the showing with you. This is an affordable option that can help you quickly and efficiently decide which properties you’d like to make an offer on.

Pro-Spect’s experienced inspectors are available whenever you need them. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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