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Wind Mitigation Inspection

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Wind Mitigation Inspection

When a hurricane is on the way, you know exactly what to do. All windows and doors are secured, sand bags are filled and loose debris is banished from yards.

Did you know that you can do even more to protect your property by having a wind mitigation inspection?

This is something you can do before hurricane season arrives or whenever it suits your schedule. Regardless of when it is performed, this type of home inspection can give you some highly desirable peace of mind.

Ask the experts at Pro-Spect to perform a wind mitigation inspection on your home today.


Inspection That Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

This type of inspection focuses mainly on your home’s roof to determine how capable it is of withstanding gale-force winds and intrusion by water.

No matter the season, it is possible for heavy winds to push rain against your home. Water excels at finding even the tiniest cracks and crevices, making its way indoors where it can do considerable damage.

When your roof is in excellent condition, it protects your home with a strong defense against wind and water. This is why this type of inspection places a heavy emphasis on the condition of your roof.


Seven Components

The inspectors at Pro-Spect will examine seven components of your roof to determine just how sound it is.

The first of these is the construction year. Inspectors first determine the year that the house was built, and they also may ask if the roof has ever been replaced since construction was completed. Determining the year of construction tells the inspector what building codes were like at that time.

The inspector also will need to discover what type of material out of which the roof is constructed. Roofs may be shingle, tile, metal or other common materials.

Moreover, the inspector will want to discover the material that the decking is made of. The decking is the surface onto which your actual roofing material, such as shingles, is attached to. Your inspector will even look to find out how far apart the nails are in the roof.

Next up for inspection is the roof to wall attachment. This step involves identifying the method that was used to attach the roof to the walls.

The inspector will look at the slope and shape of the roof, and he will then look for any secondary water resistance, which usually is a material that is fitted between the roof decking and shingles.

Finally, the inspector will look at additional openings that may affect the roof such as windows, sunroofs and garage doors. These openings generally need additional protection to keep them windproof and water tight.


Trust an Expert for your Roof Inspection 

When you want to make certain that your roof is in condition to provide a reliable line of defense between your family and the weather, turn to Pro-Spect. Our highly trained and experienced inspectors are experts when it comes to determining the functionality of your roof.

Our certified home inspectors are exceptionally skilled with this type of inspection. When it is essential that you know all the details about the condition of your roof, you can trust us to get the job done right. We’ll provide you with a detailed report that will set your mind at ease or let you know exactly whether or not your roof needs to be replaced.

A good wind mitigation inspection report can save you a bundle on home insurance premiums. To learn more about these and the other inspection services that are offered by Pro-Spect, call us today.

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